Friday, April 27, 2012

Foolish Question of The Week

"Can Romney get on the cover of the Rolling Stone?"
This question was asked by none other than the brilliant Chris Matthews to his panel of fellow leftists on his syndicated Sunday show.

The show began with Matthews calling President Barack Obama a "rock star," and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney a "square." Bingo. There's that template that is tireless in trying to help the left get votes for their Dear Leader. Later in the show the question was asked why "polls say" Obama will supposedly get the youth vote. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the media mantra?

Chris set the question up by talking about what a "rock star" John F. Kennedy was and how Barack Obama is the new rock star president. We've heard this theme from him before. I think Chris has a very real struggle over who to worship more, Kennedy or Obama? Earlier in the show Matthews asked his favorite question, the one he has already asked at least a hundred times during this campaign; "who is the most likable candidate?"

Seriously, I think Chris has a problem and needs some psychoanalysis. I'll try a little of it here.

Chris, just because you have to feel a thrill up your leg for a politician, doesn't mean we all do. You seem to have this bizarre obsession with American's having to fall in love with politicians and follow them with some sort of fawning worship. At one level it's silly, and at another level it's dangerous. Germany loved Hitler. He was their rock star. Every maniacal totalitarian leader first needs the public to be blinded by their "greatness" before he can turn them to serfs.

Or, I can put it this way; if my wife or one of my kids ran for office, I could love that politician, but short of that.....

Chris, you should really get this obsession with "loving" politicians checked out. This is not normal.

I don't need a presidential candidate on the cover of Rolling Stone, I want Jimmy Page on the cover of Rolling Stone. I want my president to get out there, do a great job protecting the Constitution and staying out of my life. That's about it. Obama has not done that, I believe Mitt Romney will. I want Rolling Stone to tell me how Led Zeppelin recorded "When The Levee Breaks" in an old British castle in the countryside.

Matthews' panelist Liz Marlantes from the Christian Science Monitor responded to the question of whether Romney could get on the cover of Rolling Stone with this; "I don't think so, well, we'll see, who knows?" I think she was a little shocked by the foolish question.

I will say this to Chris, I don't know if Romney will get on the cover of Rolling Stone, but I do know that if he does, the article inside will be packed with lies. That's part of the template as well.