Monday, July 30, 2012

Twitter Suspends Account of Olympic Critic

I guess you have to say what NBC wants you to say about the Olympics, or you could get your Twitter account suspended.

Adams is a journalist with The Independent. He works out of California but his paper is published in Great Britain....and nowadays with this new thing called the internet, you can read his stories pretty much anywhere, but at the time of this column, you cannot follow him on twitter. 

Adams has mainly been critical of NBC making tape-delayed coverage appear to be live. Certainly understandable. NBC says Adams crossed the line when he tweeted out the e-mail address of one of its executives and Twitter apparently agreed. The e-mail address was an easy one to figure out once you knew the executives name and the style that NBC used for its e-mails. 

Twitter allows some of the most profane and abusive attacks imaginable, which is fine, it is what it is, and as lovers of Liberty, most would choose the side of free speech, just don't slam NBC and its sacred Olympic coverage. That would be over-the-top.

From The Independent:

What exactly did Guy Adams have to say? Plenty. Here's a look at some of his tweets, all of which are now hidden, but have been preserved on Topsy:

@guyadams Guy Adams
Am I alone in wondering why NBColympics think its acceptable to pretend this road race is being broadcast live?
3 days ago

@guyadams Guy Adams
According to NBC's commentary team, the Surrey countryside is full of “chateaus” #ffs!

@guyadams Guy Adams
Matt Lauer: “Madagascar, a location indelibly associated with a couple of recent animated movies.” #tosspot

@guyadams Guy Adams
Matt Lauer would do well to shut up, wouldn't he?
3 days ago

@guyadams Guy Adams
Techcrunch call @NBColympics total buffoons Sums up why Gary Zenkel, moronic exec behind the time delay, shd be fired

@guyadams Guy Adams
If only someone had invented a technology to help us actually see this. Oh, wait... MT @NBCOlympics: Muhammad Ali is one of the flag bearers

@guyadams  Guy Adams
“Sneak peak” my arse MT @NBCOlympics: Check out this sneak peek of tonight's #OpeningCeremony
3 days ago

@guyadams  Guy Adams
Say “up yours” to @nbcolympics and watch that opening ceremony here MT @edfcarrasco: we got what the people want:
3 days ago

@guyadams  Guy Adams
America's left coast forced to watch Olympic ceremony on SIX HOUR time delay. Disgusting money-grabbing by @NBColympics
4 days ago

@guyadams  Guy Adams
I have 1000 channels on my TV. Not one will be showing the Olympics opening ceremony live. Because NBC are utter, utter bastards.
4 days ago

UPDATE: The twitter feed of Guy Adams has been restored as of Tuesday morning, July 31.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Media Attacks Romney on Olympics

Like any political campaign, you are told to attack your opponents strengths. Make no doubt about it, the Activist Old Media is Barack Obama's most powerful SuperPAC and they are out to attack Mitt Romney on his strength.
Take the Olympics. 
Mitt Romney speaks his opinion based on what he, and others have seen about the 2012 Games while in London and the media, wanting so hard to proclaim a "Romney gaffe" go into full attack mode on the Republican candidate. Everybody seemed to jump on this, ABC's David Muir said, "So many Brits are boiling...a rough first stop." "Boy, it sure was," added George Stephanopoulos. Hey guys, you wanna see rough? Let's check out rough. Let's compare actual Olympic experience. 
The media has created this battle, clear and simple. It wasn't like Romney attacked everybody who had ever built a business in America (who was it who did that?) he simply gave his opinion that it was a bit "disconcerting" to see lack of preparation in some areas in London. Many observers in Great Britain have said the same thing. Now, an Olympics expert giving his opinion is called a "gaffe" by the media. ABC's Rick Klein can't wait to declare that Romney and gaffes is a "long term pattern" that he is falling in to. You want gaffes? Go to Europe and talk to people in Austria about speaking "Austrian." Obama did that and the media ignored it and the many other gaffes made by this President (and don't get us started on Biden and gaffes.) The scary thing about Obama's statement here is that it was not only a gaffe, he must also think "Austrian" is a real language, or he would not have said what he said. 
As a reporter, I covered the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City that Mitt Romney saved. I challenge ABC and the other networks to do extensive research on what Romney did to save those Games that were facing financial ruin and were held at a time following 9/11 when security questions in this country were at their highest level. The Games were virtually flawless. Mitt Romney knows of what he speaks. The international negotiations that Romney had to go through to change Olympic protocol by allowing the American flag found in the ruins of the World Trade Center to be displayed at the Salt Lake Olympics was nothing short of historic. Flags of any individual nation are not to be "singled out" during the Games, but Romney went through intense international negotiations to make one of the great moment in our lifetimes happen. Watch the video and tell me it doesn't give you chills to see this again and be reminded of this moment in time.
Also ignored is Barack Obama's Olympic experience. Does the media remember the trip he made to Europe to try to win the Games for his hometown, Chicago, while as president in 2009? How did that turn out? What is Obama's history with the Olympics? Like with so many things in his administration, it is a history of failure. Obama boldly proclaimed he was going to Copenhagen to bring the Games to Chicago and the International Olympic Committee laughed at him. Chicago didn't make it out of the First Round. "I urge you to choose Chicago," Obama told the IOC. Wow, quite a pitch there, Barack. Fail. Let's see how often the media mention Obama's Olympic experience.
In spite of actual performance, the Activist Old Media is dead set on changing history and creating a template where Romney is seen as a failure, and Obama's numerous gaffes and policy failures are ignored. The Olympics are just the media's latest vehicle to use. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

ABC Politicizes Gas Prices

The Activist Old Media is making it very clear who they want to win the White House in 2012. It's the same guy they were rooting for in 2008.

Lowering gas prices is one of the weapons they will use to try to convince you that Barack Obama is fixing this economy, that in reality, is still spinning very much out of control and in the wrong direction. Reality be damned, they have an election to win for the Democrat this fall (I thought their promos said they would protect us, not the powerful politicians.)

On ABC's Good Morning America Monday, the anchors were talking about falling gas prices and reporter Paula Faris said something so blatantly biased, that I almost couldn't believe ABC would make it this obvious who they are rooting for. She said, "The best news, it (the gas price) might drop another 50 cents by Halloween, just before the election."

Why bring the election into this? I don't fill up my tank wondering what the price will be in the fall. I look at the price on the pump now. It's almost like they have something mapped out here, sort of like a template that they are putting together between now and November to tell the story they want. Is that how you do news?

She also called it the "best news" that the price would go down by Halloween.The best news to me would be that it were still the same price as when Obama took office, or at least match inflation. Yes, we know that would be great news for you in the ABC news room if prices fall before the election because you can report (falsely) how Obama has brought prices down and celebrate a November 6th win that you helped create. The Activist Old Media does not talk "truth to power," they try to create that power when libs are running the show. 

Let's put the gas prices in context ABC. If you are going to make gas prices political and put them in the context of the fall election, do you know what the gas prices were when Obama took office? $1.85 a gallon. That means they have nearly doubled in less than three years. Even if they actually do drop 50 cents a gallon in the fall, we would still be paying a dollar per gallon more than when your Dear Leader took office. Report that.

Good Morning America did do some comparison of gas price numbers, they compared the national average now compared to April and to last year. Yes, gas prices are down since then, but remember, they brought the politics of the election into this issue but failed to mention the price of gas when Obama took office. 

ABC, you know the numbers, if you are going to report on "falling gas prices" and use politics as your context, let's use all the numbers, even the ones that will hurt your Beloved One.