Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally, The Media Hits Its Breaking Point

It's great to see that the Activist Old Media finally has a cause that angers them to the point of delirium.
They have had enough! They are as mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore!
Those Replacement Refs caused the Green Bay Packers to lose a football game last night. 
Oh, don't get me wrong---I was not happy about the horrible call either. I live in Vegas and know the point spread. Packers were favored by 3 and would've covered the spread. Lots of cash was bet on the Packers and the sports books couldn't be happier today with those Replacement Refs who gave the Seahawks the win and the "cover."
But I do find it interesting to see what it takes to send the media to the breaking point. Football apparently does it. 
They haven't cared much that The President of the United States misses intel briefings so he can golf. Now we see a middle east in turmoil and American's dying as a result. Yes, if you miss as many intel briefings as Barack Obama has, and Americans are not prepared to defend themselves at Embassies around the world, the boss who misses the meetings is to blame. Maybe the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell can be blamed for this as well. 
The top Democrat Senator in the Senate, Harry Reid makes up fairy tales about Mitt Romney's taxes and that's not enough to anger this Activist Old Media. Jennings intercepted the pass! Everybody saw it!
More than 300 Mexicans and a Border Patrol agent are dead because of this administrations gun-running operation to Mexico and the activist in the media don't have the time or courage to get to the bottom of what really happened here. But they will show us that replay of the interception-turned-touchdown enough times that we know the shoe size of Golden Tate.
The unemployment figures are horrible right now and even the 8.1% number is as fabricated as hell. But we must be worried about the hundred or so NFL officials who are on the sidelines in a labor dispute.
Hey, I want 'em back too, but the causes the media choose to take on are not accidental. This is their cause, their mission. Save the NFL. 
At least we know the media has its breaking point.
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For the Record, Obama Did Not End the War in Iraq

On 60 Minutes this week, Barack Obama once again took credit for ending the war in Iraq. "I said I'd end the war in Iraq, I did," boasted Dear Leader. 
Reporter Steve Kroft also parroted the company line by giving Obama full credit. 
As the lies pile up by this administration and its Activist Old Media, this is one that gets repeated often and needs to be corrected right here, right now. 
Obama was the President who did nothing more than follow the timeline set by his predecessor, George W. Bush. 
Here is the Status of Forces Agreement, from October 2008 (Bush was still president---BTW) which states, in part:
All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.
George W. Bush made that happen, he put the timeline into effect, and ended the war with victory for America and the Iraqi people. Do you hear any bad news coming out of Iraq these days? Rarely. They are one of the few middle eastern countries living in relative peace right now and we can thank the Bush Doctrine and those soldiers who bravely implemented it and sacrificed everything for it.
But Obama wants credit. I guess he needs credit. He shall have credit for following the Bush timeline, and nothing more. 
Also, it should be noted, as a US Senator, Obama did everything he could to try to make the war end in failure for the United States. Senator Obama did this purely for political purposes. He opposed the war and the surge that led to the successful end of the war for both countries. Obama hated the surge and joined the rest of the Democrats in saying that the surge would not work. We can all be thankful they did not get their way in 2007. Remember when they wanted us to leave in defeat? Pull out now, was the battle cry of Obama's Democrats. Does Obama think we can't remember what he was pitching just 5 years ago? He can only pull off this ruse with the medias full cooperation. which he is getting. Hopefully historians will correct this.  
Obama and the Democrats were as wrong as any political party has ever been on an issue of this much importance. This should not be forgotten, but the media has removed this fact from the Iraq War narrative. 
Obama called the Iraq War a "dumb war" and a "rash war." In 2002 his words were praised by liberals and leftist who still revere them today, in spite of our victory in Iraq. That is as delusional as it gets. Tell those in Iraq now living under Liberty and without the boot of the worst terrorist of our time, Saddam Hussein, on their throats, that it was a "dumb war."
Obama opposed it; now he wants credit for it, and his media is helping him with this narrative. Were Obama being honest with America he would be thanking Bush for our success in Iraq and pointing out that it was his timeline that ended the war. He has never done that, not once. Like all Great Leftists throughout history, all the glory must go to them. 
So if that's how this timeline thing works, let's play that game. Richard Nixon gets credit for man first landing on the moon, not JFK. He was president July 20, 1969 when it happened. 
See how far that argument flies.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

All That "Noise" From Israel

Now Barack Obama can't stand the "noise" coming from Israel.

The noise of the crowd at fundraisers and late night TV is fine, but those folks in Israel with all that noise is just too much for the leader of the free world to deal with. 

This line by Obama (and others) caused me to yell at the TV during the 60 Minutes interview. It got loud in my living room.

As for meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama said his plan was "simply to do what is right for the American people. And I am going to block out any noise that's out there" Noise? Israel is just noise? And, by the way, Mr. President, backing Israel is what is right for the American people. It is also right for the free world. I'm assuming you don't believe that, and you feel listening to Israel is just "noise." 

Obama also said Israel is "one of our closest allies in the region." One of? Israel is our closest ally in the region but Obama won't say that because his sympathies lie with the Muslim nations. They do. That's who Obama is. 

The sooner American and Jewish voters understand that fact, the better off we will be. 

If the noise coming from 5 million Jews is the middle east surrounded by 500 million Arabs who want to wipe them off the face of the earth is too much for you, Mr. Obama---after 
November 6th you can spend more time on the golf course. Not much noise out there.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Media Covering Up Truth About Benghazi Attacks

This is like not seeing plane that just crashed into your house. What plane with the tail section sitting in the backyard? I'm not talking about before the crash, but after the crash you still don't see the plane. 
That's how the media is approaching the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed 4 Americans.
This is a story just waiting to be told properly, and the Activist Old Media is not doing it. 
So far, the White House has called this a spontaneous event on the anniversary of 9-11. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have also been spreading the story that this was just a group of radicals who were angry over a movie, so they killed Americans. That story is bad enough, but with every day that goes by, that story looks more and more ridiculous. The Obama Administration knows the truth, the State Department knows the truth, and the media knows the truth. They are all lying about what really happened in Libya. Americans deserve the truth.
This was a planned, coordinated attack on Americans working at the Consulate. There are indications that people within the Libyan government were involved, and America was given advance warning on the attacks. Nothing was done by Obama to prevent these attacks and the media seems unconcerned about finding out who knew what---and when did they know it. Since Obama doesn't attend most of his intel briefings, I guess he should not be culpable, right? 

It has taken the Obama administration more than a week to figure out that this was a terrorist attack. It took that long only because Obama does not like to acknowledge there are actually terrorists in the world who do not like Americans, even with His Highness in the White House.

Hey, there's an election coming up in a few weeks---this would look very bad for Dear Leader if the truth is told right now about the Benghazi attacks. Let's just drag our feet on this for a while.
We've seen this story before. After November 6th the media will look into this attack, books will be written and blame will be placed on the lame duck President Obama, but since the stories were held when they mattered most, and he won the election, the Activist Old Media will wash their hands and try to act responsible when it's too late. Now is the time to put these pieces together. Bits and pieces are trickling out on this story, but somebody with access needs to put them all together and try win a Peabody or an Emmy. If truth is not is not enough motivation, perhaps an award will be.  
Of course, this is the same media who won't report properly on Fast and Furious. They still haven't bothered to ask the president who authorized the selling of 2,000 guns to Mexican drug lords that has lead to the death of two Americans and 300 Mexican citizens. If the media doesn't care about reporting on the Obama administration "gun running" to Mexico leading to hundreds of deaths, why should they are about this?
Hey, what is that? It looks like fuselage in the pool? Let's order pizza. We'll get around to covering that plane crash when we're good and ready.
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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Media and Obama, Taking Us Down The Rabbit Hole

To re-elect Barack Obama the media has a long list of what they expect us to believe. We would have to "suspend disbelief" (as Hillary Clinton once said of General David Petraeus) to vote for Barack Obama on November 6th.

Okay, let's suspend disbelief. 

This is Alice and the "Rabbit Hole" at it's finest. Choose a pill, jump right in, and don't mind the smile on the Cheshire Cat---that's just the Activist Old Media having a good laugh as they try to convince us the Queen of Hearts will protect our best interests. 

The media expect us to believe that Barack Obama is a foreign policy expert, and Mitt Romney knows nothing about foreign policy. How's the middle east looking?
The media expect us to believe the Arab Spring was a good thing and the Muslim Brotherhood are our friends. 

The media expect us to believe Obama cares about national security, even though he golfs more often than he goes to intel briefings. 

Grab that croquet mallet, Queenie, we have a tee time.

The media expect us to believe we are more angry over how Romney spends his money than how Obama spends ours.

The media expect us to be angry over Romney's taxes, while we watch government spending and ObamaCare send our own through the roof. 

Take another blue pill.  

The media expect us to believe that if only Obama had a few trillion more dollars, unemployment might go down to 7.9%.

The media expect us to believe that those millions who have stopped looking for work, must really not want to work.

The media expect us to believe the unemployment numbers aren't rigged. 

The media expect us to believe that we just have to pay $4.00 a gallon. The new normal.

The media expect us to believe that, if only they would cooperate, Obama would work well with Republicans, even though he never has, while Romney can't work well with Democrats, even though he has.   

The media expect us to believe they aren't choosing sides in this election. 

Got another blue pill?

The media expect us to believe Obama is transparent even though he has given them only two short new conferences this year. 

The media expect us to believe Obama is the Great Uniter who will bring us all together.

The media expect us to believe that a Beer Summit is how problems are solved.

Oh...pay no mind...that's just a blue caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah. He could be Chief of Staff during the Second Term.

The media expect us to believe that somebody who won't care for his own brother is really his "brothers keeper."

The media expect us to believe Joe Biden is just a lovable, old, harmless gaffe machine and not The Dodo running a never ending Caucus Race. 

The media expect us to believe that Obama is the smartest person on the planet, even though he won't show anybody his academic records. 

The media expect us to believe that if only Obama had 4 more years, he would finally get it right. 

Oh, I'll bet Lewis Carroll would be proud of the literary nonsense being spread by the Activist Old Media these days. Perhaps there's a reason Carroll penned the blue pill as blissful ignorance and the red pill as the sometimes painful truth of reality. 

America needs the red pill November 6th. Time for another Tea Party.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Media Protects Obama, Blames Movie For Terrorist Attacks

At a time of tragedy when Americans have been murdered by brutal terrorists in Libya, who will defend Liberty?
Not the American TV networks. 
They instead blame the principle of free speech, Liberty itself, if you will, for these horrendous attacks. 
A movie made in the USA depicts Muhammad in a negative light and the American media seems to excuse the murderous actions of terrorists because of the movie. Holy hell---what country did I wake up in?
MSNBC went a step further, even excusing the attacks because of the movie. 
"These protests are taking place, this anger is all based on that film that the US government has come out and chastised," was the question asked to Richard Engel of NBC while on the ground in Cairo. 
"This is all based on that film, but it's more than that, this is a perceived insult, an attack on Islam," responded Engel. "It touched such a sensitive issue and they feel they could not take this lying down, they had to come out and speak for their prophet, speak for their religion."

Terrorists don't hate us because of a movie. Islamic extremists declared jihad on the free world 30 years ago. The media expects us to believe that a movie made 'em do it, and Engel is excusing their actions. "They could not take this lying down." 
This was the reaction across the board from the Activist Old Media. 
Where does the media stand on free speech? If you threaten to take away First amendment rights the media would be the first to take a stand, and rightly so, but when it comes to Muslim terrorists, they somehow forget that founding principle. 
The main reason the media blames the movie is to excuse the horrendous foreign policy of Barack Obama. They cannot point to the numerous failures by this president. Obama has missed most intelligence meetings at the White House, but has been able to sneak in 104 rounds of golf.  

The media flip flops on free speech in order to protect their Dear Leader. Blame a movie, because you cannot blame Obama.
Holy hell, what country did I wake up in?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats With Vote Fraud on Display at Convention

It was there for all to see. 
You want to see an example of Democrats rigging an election, watch the video here. 
Democrats had gotten so much heat for removing God and Jerusalem from their platform that they decided to put it back in....but to do so a vote was required. 
Clearly, Democrats at the top of the party wanted it back in because they knew the political heat they had already taken, and would continue to take between now and November 6th. They internally made the decision to put God and Jerusalem back in the platform purely for political purposes. 
Then came the voice vote for all to see. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villar (which is his real name, but he changed it to Villaraigosa) conducted the voice vote and this circus kept getting worse the longer it went. 
Three voice votes total and the last one was probably 50/50.  It takes a two/thirds majority to pass an amendment to a resolution and this clearly did not pass. Most people on the floor of the convention were not happy and you could hear their boos. They knew the power players in the Democrat Party had just put something in the platform that they wanted out. 
It was voter fraud there for all to witness and the Democrat Leadership was behind it. 
Anybody trust the Democrats November 6th?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What The Left Hates Most About Clint Eastwood

His appearance has been widely panned by the left and its Activist Old Media. Clint Eastwood dared jump off the leftist bandwagon in Hollywood and he joined the Evil Right. 
But it gets deeper than that. 

They hate his "bit" on stage at the Republican National Convention because he ridiculed the president. He dared make fun of their Dear Leader. 

You don't do that and expect to leave unscathed. 

The Empty Chair performance by "Dirty Harry" bothered the President to the point that he had to tweet his own response (or his staff did it for him, who knows?) by saying, "This seat's taken."

Oh, you could argue that all of this is being done in good fun, but the Romney's are being asked serious questions by the media about what they think of Eastwood's performance. They have been rock solid behind Eastwood by saying they appreciate his support. Damn! The media had hoped the Romney's would've thrown Clint under their campaign bus. To their credit, they didn't. 

Meanwhile, it's important to note that this administration does not like to be ridiculed. No stateist can allow that. Leftists take themselves very seriously. Obama may occasionally laugh and joke about himself, but deep down he is a Cold Hearted Social Engineer and they are not the type who take to ridicule kindly. 

What they hate most is Eastwood opened the door for more ridicule. Before you make the contention that this "embarrassed the Office of the President," gimme a break. Obama started that when he removed the Churchill Bust. Besides, anybody out there remember what the left and its Activist Old Media did to George W. Bush? Our memories are not that bad. 

Deep down Eastwood's performance did not make Obama's day, it ruined it.