Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Three Biggest Changes To The World When Romney Becomes President

(Note from publisher-This article came to me, written by an author in Russia about the perspective from businessmen in his country.)

The view from a conservative American businessman living in Russia
In almost every setting here in Russia, I’m asked as an American what I think of President Obama.  It is a sort of great therapy experience to be able to express myself in the Russian manner of offering opinions concerning systemically pathetic apparatchiks.

Then I’m also asked about Romney’s potential to challenge Obama. This is also very therapeutic as I lay out the top three changes that will happen in the world if he is elected.

From my unique viewpoint from this peculiarly humbled, country the greatest impact will be what happens in respect to: 1, King Dollar, 2, Oil going below $60, and, 3, Russia and China coming to terms with a real capitalist.

King Dollar comes about when President Romney, the stern school teacher, reenters the chaotic classroom, slams a yardstick firmly on the table, and, pointing to the rabble rousers, says, “that’s enough of that.” Class will now come to order. Perceptions by the unions (I’m living in the mother of all unions, everyone works for a union here, and I mean everyone), banks, government workers and everyone else will instantly change, because fiscal and monetary order will be re-established. Just the structural attitude of a US president who knows what he is talking about, coupled with a Paul Ryan disciplined budgetary process, and the Dollar returns to sanity as everyone starts to get real.

This will make the non monetized currencies around the world become very weak. Russia will be hurting big time as they try to make sense out of a possible extinction of the Euro.  If the Russian central bank doesn’t off load its overextended position in Euro reserves, they will really be in for a ride to try and stabilize an ever increasing worthless Ruble. I’m watching the Ruble staying very low against US Dollars because of this position. They will hate to become dollar denominated again, not to mention the rest of the world. When Barack and Geitner are replaced, and Krugman starts his new career as an interior decorator, the FED just might stop printing in time to allow confidence to return to the Ben Franklins everyone loves to hate.

Oil below $60 a barrel comes about as President Romney immediately turns the US inward to a national developed energy bonanza. This will just put another world of hurt on Putin’s cronies. It’s a very strange economy here that only starts revealing its underbelly as you start opening your eyes and see the best system of corruption the Mafia can buy. Russia has only one export that anyone in the world cares about, Oil and Gas. They dump titanium and aluminum and arms on the world markets but lately, more efficient suppliers are impacting that cash for resources program. The world of unions, soviets, and socialists, just cannot compete. Working wages here are ridiculously low …trying to compensate for shoddy workmanship, which I believe has something to do with national pride, which is almost non-existent.
This situation here reminds me of what happened in Las Vegas in the 80’s and 90’s. The mob was running the old standards like the Tropicana, Stardust, Castaways, and the Fitzgerald downtown, and due to the way the mob works, paying off the “up line” creamed all the cash that would otherwise be available for modernizing and competing with the likes of Steve Wynn’s Mirage (built with Junk Bonds that actually paid off) and so, unable to compete, they had to sell off to the corporation boys who could manage cash flow, and re-invest to make much bigger, better valued destination resorts. The cronyism program doomed those hotels to the extent that the entire mob ended up only controlling the trash and a few laundries. Even those were lost to them after a short time. That is what is happening internally in Russia.

Putin has about 35 million pensioners…who don’t get much, but what they do get, keeps them home and quiet. Add those to the huge overburdened bureaucracy coupled with a modernizing effort for the Military, and Putin’s financial boys are sweating anything below $80 per barrel. It would be very difficult to have a 3rd devaluation of the Ruble in the last 23 years. Watching ones bank balance reduced when the decimal point is moved over one place again is just about more than even tough old Russians can take.
I had to laugh when Joe Biden made the comment about Russia being on board with Iran’s sanctions.

Wow! What an absolute joke. Putin will do anything, taking even enormous risks, to destabilize oil in an effort to keep prices high. Their support of Assyria, Iran, Egypt and Islam to foment for war with Israel is a wide open strategy here.  Everyone knows Russia has to somehow keep world pricing of oil above, well above, $80 a barrel just to break even. So when Romney takes the shackles off the US oil industry, just watch how Russia plays with the supply to Europe through the Middle East to keep futures trending above supplies.

Russia and China come to terms with a real, honest capitalist. As President Romney starts to call out protectionist monetary maneuvering by China and makes various counter moves it will have a beneficial impact on our balance of payments. If China wants to dump their treasuries, good, go ahead, Europe will be snatching them up big time. It’s pathetic that Russia’s opinion about the US has devolved into their profiling us as a bunch of naïve babies. Not that that matters much, but it does wear the US down with all the mischief the Putin regime likes to delve in around the hot spots in the world. Much like Ronald Reagan’s perception by the Ayatollah’s in Iran, his speak was clear enough that they didn’t want to take him on in any manner, so they returned those poor unfortunate American hostages just before he was sworn in. Carter’s foreign policy was weak; Obama’s lead from behind / blowing in the wind joke of Hillary type of a blind date gone wrong leadership is the reason the world’s class room resembles a bunch of 13 year olds hopped up on sugar.

Romney is just too good to be true. He will be one of the most honorable & classy candidates to make Americans proud since Ronald Reagan. You can see it so much clearer over here. Putin is trying to pay women to have children.  As a result more are having 1 child for the 30,000 rubles (about $10,000 US) but not two (it takes 2.2 children per woman just to stay even, currently Russia is averaging 1.3, and will lose over 30 million people in the next 12 years). Why? Couples cannot support them based on real wages in Russia today. You absolutely cannot start a business, and if you do, and it’s successful, the mob moves in and takes it over. They give ownership two choices; you can walk out, or go out feet first. Everyone laments that they are being squeezed by low wages, high inflation and no opportunities. They lament that they’re always in the position that ‘they have to keep the wolf fed and the sheep safe’.

I admit that from my distant perspective, I’m afraid Romney won’t get elected because people back home in the US may want their government handouts more than they want reality. If that happens, reality will hit the US hard and quick, and then those checks won’t be worth the paper their printed on and when even a small part of discomfort begins, survival of the fittest enters in, That reality starts to really suck. This part of the world is the full natural extension of every leftist dream.  They’ve done just about everything liberals wish for, in spades. Why oh why can’t the liberals all come over here to central Europe, set up Liberal Leftist land to welcome all the like minded warm and fuzzies, give everyone a government job, full Obama style medical care, 6 week vacations, Government housing, free dead brain education and concerts, and a Chevy Volt, and of course a complicit press corp., and leave the rest of the worlds real people alone.

смарт-брюки, Russia  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

When Children Set The Agenda

Political opponents have often accused each other of acting like children when it comes to setting policy and agenda, but it appears with the Democrat party, we have literally gone there.

Children apparently are now making decisions for their elders on America's social agenda. 

Take Barack Obama and Harry Reid as they gave their reasons for "evolving" in their support of gay marriage. The President of the United States of America says he talked to his daughters, Sasha and Malia about the issue, and...well...you read what he said and see if you don't come to the conclusion that his girls convinced him. "It (opposition to gay marriage) doesn't make sense to them (Sasha and Malia) and frankly, that's the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective," said the Leader of the Free World

As for the Senate Majority Leader, Reid...well...you read what he said and see if you don't come to the conclusion that his kids convinced him. "In talking with my children and grandchildren, it has become clear to me that they take marriage equality as a given. I have no doubt that their view will carry the future," said the top Democrat in the Senate. So it's kids and grand kids making the call for Reid. 

Okay, you could argue something else is happening here and conclude that these men, two of the most powerful on the planet, are using their kids and grand kids as "cover" because they are afraid to "man-up" on this issue. Perhaps. What heartless Republican would argue with cute little kids? How would you argue with kids? Of course, since the kids of Democrats are off-limits for political criticism, no Republican would dare go after them (ask Sarah Palin if it's okay to go after Republican's kids.)

Somebody should call these brave men out for being gutless, at minimum, that's what we have here. "Here, let's put the kids out in front of us and we'll duck behind them." Gay Americans have to be proud of the principled way Obama and Reid are defending them. At least Joe Biden didn't hang this on his offspring. 

Another thing is happening here, and that's the coordination between Obama and Reid to both use their children as cover on the gay marriage issue, or, perhaps we're supposed to guess that was just coincidence. Quick, somebody find out what Nancy Pelosi's kids think!  

If children are advising the Commander in Chief and the Senate Majority Leader on issues like these, are they also advising on the economy and jobs? Actually, I'm guessing their kids could give them better advice. They couldn't do any worse. 

This could spark a surge of Kids in Charge. 

The kids should ask for ice cream and Ding Dongs and demand that government provide them to everybody for "free." That's what I would've done back in the day. If children can set the social agenda, why not the food agenda? Would Michelle overrule the kids? Who knows? Barack didn't.  

Remember, this is the same Democrat party that uses Hilary Rosen as one of its top advisers. Rosen criticized the Romney family recently because Mitt turned to his wife for advice on the economic concerns of women. Rosen said Ann Romney could not be qualified because she "never worked a day in her life." How dare a wife advise a husband on economic concerns. 

Maybe Mitt should've asked his grand kids. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Pranks of The Activist Old Media

At first, I thought the story was a prank.

A joke that somebody pulled on the media and a prankster was going to jump out of a box in the newsroom at the Washington Post and yell, "Gotcha!"

Maybe John Quinones of ABC would pop out from behind a wall and say this was just a joke and they wanted to see how the media would react to a bogus non-story from 50 years ago about a Republican candidate.

Sadly, it's no joke, the media is actually serious about this "bullying" story.

It's the media who are really the mindless bullies in this scenario, foolishly attacking the Republican candidate for President because he dares to challenge their Dear Leader for the top spot in the White House.

Where are the adults in the media? They want to be taken seriously, but now they are the ones pulling the high-stakes, dangerous "pranks" to protect Barack Obama.

I agree that calling this story, and others like it (see: "Dog" stories) a "prank" understates the value the media believes that it has, but they are going at it full speed, 100%, as if this is the biggest story of the day to the electorate. Forget the fact that they made most of it up and have numerous facts just totally wrong, this story fits the template that they want to put on the Evil, Rich, White, Mormon, Hates Animals, Bully, Republican Candidate for President.

The media has virtually ignored Obama's pot smoking, cocaine filled, anti-white, anger filled high school days---where he also admits to shoving and bullying a girl name Coretta because he was mad at her---and they go after Romney for one incident mis-reported, overblown, and mischaracterized. Where are those in the media working to find Coretta and see how she's doing? WaPo? Whaddya think? Maybe a story there?

Of course, there is no story in either case.

We all see what's going here. The media is acting like children. Perhaps they are still going through the Terrible Twos and should be made to go to Time Out. The race for President of The United States of America has now devolved into an argument about what one of the candidates (not the other candidate, just one of the candidates) did during high school? Did I wake up on Sesame Street this morning?

A "troubling account" and "troubling scene" is what ABC called this silly story. Naw---I'll tell you where the real trouble is right now, and its in your New York newsrooms.

Analyst Matthew Dowd on ABC thinks this story is even bigger, he said, "I don't think this puts an end to the story. It touches on something that touches every one of us, which is our high school experiences." He said Romney needs to say something "bigger and bolder" on this. Matthew should've added 'na, na, na, na, na, na!" after his quote. It would've made him sound smarter.

"Now it's part of the national conversation," continued Dowd. "It entered the national conversation when we were already talking about bullying in high school." Gotcha, so that's how this works. When the media wants to talk about contraceptives, or gay marriage, or what you call "bullying," then the Republican candidates are forced to talk about it because it's part of the "national conversation," that you create. Gotcha. For the next 6 months the media will make, as part of the "national conversation," anything they feel will be beneficial to Obama. When will the activist old media start talking about the destruction of America and it's Constitution? I guess we have to wait until you think it's time to have that adult discussion. Until then it's "criss cross, apple sauce, nobody takes my seat."

 I'm guessing Matt was serious. He wants us all to go back to times when we were bullied in high school (as we all apparently were,) pretend it was Mitt Romney pulling the prank and hate him for it, and refuse to vote for him because of it. Yep, that's exactly what we should think of when we are deciding who the next leader of the Free World is. Romney is Brutus Ratman, the senior who put olives in my milk while I was a freshman (BTW, not his real name. I don't want the WaPo to seek us out in case either of us ever decide to run for office.)

The family of the boy (John) who allegedly has his hair cut (that part is even contested) says he was not gay and they are angry that he is being used to further a political agenda. John died in 2004, so the media can't check with the person they have made the chief victim of Evil, Rich, White, Mormon, Hates Animals, and Maybe Bullies Maybe Gay Guys, while in high school, Romney.

Seriously, when they first considered this story in the newsroom in the Washington Post where was the one sane person there to tell them how nuts this idea was? Not there. This is the "Woodward and Bernstein Newsroom" coming up with this garbage.

Barack Obama has quadrupled the American deficits, is taking the debt to new heights, destroying the economy, or at least, doesn't know how to fix it, and we're supposed to be worried about what Mitt Romney might have done in high school? Was this whole thing a prank by the media who are trying to bully the public into thinking what they think is important to them is important to us? Just give us a noogie next time, WaPo.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

British Media, Doing The Job The US Media Refuse to Do

It's been known for years that the US media has decided not to do its job when it comes to vetting Barack Obama, but when the British media is out there reporting critically on this White House on a daily basis, the contrast is startling.

If the Activist Old Media in this country had the ability to be embarrassed, they would cower in the corner over the way the British media pounds them on Obama coverage.

The America media chooses not to report these stories, it's not that they are getting "beaten" on them. Of course, that fact makes this much worse.

Dr. Tim Stanely of the UK Telegraph reports this week on the issue of President Obama's latest revelations of his "composite" girlfriend and the stories of him eating dog in Indonesia. In the last paragraph of his column Dr. Stanley says these issues should've been brought out long ago, since Obama wrote them in his book.

"That we are only discussing them this late into Obama’s career suggests that the vetting that should have happened four years ago was unforgivably neglected. But, hey, it’s never too late to start."

We'll see about the media and when/if it actually decides to start vetting this president. I have heard from many of my media friends that the vetting of Obama was already done, so it is not needed now. Of course, he was not vetted during the last election because the media did not want to vet him for fear of what they might find out, and besides, all their crews were in Alaska looking under rocks, glaciers, and inside igloos for Sarah Palin dirt. 

Another big story this week, reported by the British and ignored by the US media involves Navy SEALs voicing their disgust over Obama "spiking the football" on the killing of Osama bin Laden. Perhaps you heard, this week was the One Year Anniversary of the New National Holiday Honoring Obama For Shooting and Killing bin Laden. It's been in the news. This story about the Navy SEALs was not in the news, at least not here in the US. This story was in the UK Daily Mail Online. Perhaps the US media has forgotten that there is an internet and we can get these stories from the British media just as easily as we can get theirs. Click.

Of course, the US media is trying to control what we know and when we know it. They had been planning this Obama Celebration of The Killing of bin Laden, National Day of Honoring Dear Leader for weeks and they didn't want anybody ruining this party. Certainly not some British "rag." 

This was the president that the world was going to love and people across the planet were going to worship him as do the leftists in this nation. With the US media willingly in lock-step with the regime, the international media certainly would follow and the entire planet would bask in the glow of a Supreme Leader that would save us all from whatever we need to be saved from during the next 24 Second News Cycle. Seems the British media didn't get the memo. 

UPDATE May 3 11:00pm Pacific

The UK Guardian does a prominent story analyzing Osama bin Laden's thoughts on the US media. Seems bin Laden didn't like Fox News, but felt his terrorist group could make inroads with much of the other US media, like CBS and MSNBC. Again, a story from the British media that US media does not want to touch because....well, because it probably hits too close to home for them. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NBC Nightly News Ignores Cleveland Terrorists OWS Background

The Occupy Wall Street terrorists who plotted to blow up a Cleveland bridge and kill dozens of innocent people, should use NBC's Brian Williams as their lead  defense witness.

First, the Peacock Network totally ignored the background of the OWS terrorists. It did not mention one word of who these people were, how they are leftist terrorists, how they planned to also blow up banks, the Republican National Convention, and other American sites.  These OWS terrorists are products of the class warfare being perpetuated by Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and the Activist Old Media.

NBC spent the first 10 minutes of Nightly News reporting on the First Anniversary of the Killing of Osama binLaden by Barack Obama, and then snuck in 24 seconds on the OWS terrorists.

Here's the entire script as read by Williams:

The FBI arrested five self-described anarchists in Cleveland, Ohio today, the men are between 20 and 37 years of age. They're accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over a park in Cleveland. The plot was uncovered by an FBI sting operation that provided them with what they thought to be bomb material. As is the case with so many of these similar situations, the FBI said in the end there was never any real danger associated with the plan.

Call Brian Williams to the witness stand. He's making the case for these guys.

There was no video shown of cars going over the bridge, NBC made it look abandoned. Actually, 13,000 people a day travel over that bridge and the OWS terrorists pulled the trigger on what they thought were plastic explosives that would've destroyed the bridge and killed occupants during rush-hour, but, "there was never any real danger associated with the plan." Ya, because the FBI were tipped off to the terrorist attack and gave the guys dummy explosives. Were it not for that, NBC's beloved Dear Leader would've been bumped to the second slot on this "historic day" and dozens of Americans would've become innocent victims of the Occupy Wall Street movement, beloved by the left and supported by countless Democrat politicians.

The background of the OWS terrorists was well known by the time NBC went on air, in fact, Tuesday night they even did a special West Coast Edition of Nightly News so they had extra time to research this. They knew these terrorists were OWS and chose not to report that very relevant fact. Who these people are and what motivates them does matter. Looks like some more selective editing by NBC. Are we sure they fired the person who edited that George Zimmerman audio tape?