Sunday, October 28, 2012

ABC Sets Up Obama Victory Template

Here it is---ABC making sure Barack Obama knows how he can win election and save the nation from disaster, both at the same time---and they will be there to help.

You may have heard there's this storm on the east coast, Sandy. A "Mega Super Storm" is what ABC News has called it. Complete with disaster music, new motion graphics and the Extreme Weather Team on the ground. Few storms live up to the media hype and let's hope this one follows that predictable track.

This column is not about the seriousness of the storm, but about ABC and the politics of disaster and how the network is both advising the president, and creating his template for success.

Witness this set-up discussion Sunday morning between Dan Harris and George Stephanopoulos.

Dan (liberal question asker): "If you're the president, how do you manage campaigning, because his job is truly on the line here, with governing and managing perhaps a large disaster?"

George (Clinton's boy): "You show you're in touch and that's why the president has already put out photos of him talking to the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and he's also returning to the White House tomorrow afternoon already cancelling some events. The biggest problem for the president now, if he makes any mishandling of this storm it could affect the final days of this race more than any other factor."

Interpreted, what they're saying is: "Dear Leader, get back to the White House so that we can show everybody how brilliant you are and how you have saved America from this disaster. You just do what we say, we will take care of the rest."

Of course, this is all a set-up and is easily manipulated. You find out how effective true leaders are by how they react when they are outside the glare of the spotlight.

We have the perfect example, and ABC has virtually ignored it.

Anybody at ABC heard of the terrorist attack on Benghazi? Oh ya, you've done the story alright (a :15 reader by the anchor in the B-block,) but have you bothered to connect this directly to the White House as an example of how Barack Obama is as a leader? No, you have not.

Obama watched  for hours on video as Americans were attacked and killed at a US Consulate. He could've sent in help and did not. Then he knowingly lied about the cause of the terrorist attack. He sent others to lie about the terrorist attack, then he took off on Air Force One to Las Vegas for a campaign event.

That's what he did and you know that's what he did, but you refuse to tell that story.

Instead, you now approach your viewers with a template that will be used by you to try to save his failed presidency in the final days of this election.

How do you put on your make-up and walk on set with a clear conscience and try to tell your viewers that you are "looking out for them?"

Besides, if Benghazi has taught us one thing, if the president does "mishandle this storm," the Activist Old Media won't report it.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The White House Lied About Benghazi

One of the favorite questions the media asked during the Watergate Era was, "What did Nixon know, and when did he know it?" Once the media found out what Richard Nixon knew and when he knew it, his presidency was over and careers in journalism were made.

We now know what Barack Obama knew and when he knew it about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, and the media sits in relative silence.

Oh, there are stories breaking every day on this, but overall, the media refuses to connect the dots and put this story right where it belongs---on the desk in the Oval Office of Barack Obama.

Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, and Susan Rice lied by calling the terrorist attack in Benghazi a "spontaneous attack" fueled by a movie, and more importantly, they knew they were lying at the time. Reuters now has e-mails showing the White House knew this was a coordinated terrorist attack hours after it began, still, the administration lied to America about it. I wrote about this story a week after it happened, and I knew the administration was lying then, and I said so. If I knew, they knew. Oh wait, I wrote a column the day after the attack exposing the lies. Read it here.

Oh, Good Morning America mentioned the e-mails, as other media have, but they still refuse to tie this lie directly to their Dear Leader. CBS Radio News failed to mention this story during their top of the hour newscast at 12 noon Eastern time today. But, they found time to work in a story about identity theft at a few Barnes and Noble stores. CBS Evening News first exposed the damaging e-mails, but this is just the tip of the story. Real "junk yard dog" reporters will latch on to this story and not let go until they destroy those responsible. That's what the media does---or is supposed to do.

This story needs to be told with the Obama Lie front and center. He also failed to react and send troops to save the lives of those being murdered by terrorists. Tell me both of those issues don't deserve more attention than they are currently being given.

I'm guessing the folks at the networks have the video of Obama blaming that stupid video that nobody has seen. Check the video files---go back to the last month. In case they have burned that video of Obama's statements, I found this on YouTube.  Obama blaming the video for the terrorist attack in Benghazi. Match it up with the e-mails that have now been uncovered and whaddya know---you have one hell of a story about known lies at the highest level of government. Maybe the Networks are waiting for the Aaron Sorkin version to come out on HBO before they do anything.

Networks and newspapers are trying to excuse themselves on this story by giving it cursory mention. This is not a :15 second "reader" or "voice-over" type story. This is an hour-long prime-time special type story. You can hear them in newsrooms now, "Oh ya, we did that story at the end of the B-block at 4:30. We covered it!"

Beginning November 7th the investigation will go into full gear and the media will expose these known lies and they will ask why action wasn't take at the time to save the lives of the 4 Americans brutally killed by terrorists in Benghazi. At that time journalists will start thinking about the Emmy's and Peabody's on the table for the taking.

Until then, they have an election to win.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Andrew Sullivan: Off The Deep End

The Chris Matthews Show is always good for entertainment. A handful of libs sitting around a small table chatting about how best they can get Dear Leader elected. 

Once a week is about all of this anybody can take.

Andrew Sullivan was one of the five (counting Chris) lib panelists this week talking about Barack Obama's debate failure, why it happened, and how he needs to fix it. His quote was one for the ages.

"I think that they (bad evil Republicans) got into his (Obama's) head with all this racist stuff before the first debate, you know, the Hannity stuff, 'look there's a black guy running for office,' like two days before, I think he, he, he (has) repression of his own anger. 

"He (Obama) should be angry that these people (Romney, Ryan, and more bad, evil Republicans)  have the gall to talk to him about the deficit and the gall to talk to him about foreign policy after their record."

So, lets see here, so much to dissect with this one statement. Sean Hannity apparently just figured out two days before the recent Presidential Debate that Obama was black and he launched a racist attack at Obama (who apparently watches Hannity) and that got into his head to the point that it messed him up during the debate. That makes perfect sense. Why not just blame the altitude, Andrew? 

The second half of the quote is even better. Sullivan calls himself a "journalist" but he doesn't want anybody attacking Dear Leader. Talking "truth to power" is now, "people have the gall to talk to him."

Let's see here. Obama's deficits are 5 times greater that George W. Bush's and Sullivan does not want Obama to be questioned about that. Obama's foreign policy is filled with lies (lies that the administration knew they were making at the time,) the middle east is falling apart, and Sullivan doesn't want anybody to question Obama about that. 

While we're at it, the bigger question here; what are Romney's deficits and foreign policy failures? He has none. He has never been president. Sullivan thinks Romney is George W. Bush. Please get some new glasses, Andy. 

Which speaks to the essence of the Obama Campaign 2012. Andrew Sullivan exposed it. Obama is running on Bill Clinton's record and attacking George W. Bush. It's all he's got.


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Monday, October 8, 2012

America, Finally Seeing The Real Mitt Romney

The media is trying to figure out how this happened.

How could Mitt Romney be blasting his way to the top of the polls after just one debate?

Would you like a very simple answer? Here it is: The media tried to tell America that Romney was one thing, while the debate showed them he was another. The difference between the two are seen in the poll numbers. It really is that simple.

For the last year or so the media created a template that reflected their opinion, not reality. Mitt Romney was a gaffe machine who didn't care about people and wasn't intelligent enough to reside within the blinding light of their Dear Leader.

The media has spent this time being dishonest to Americans about Mitt Romney.

I know Mitt Romney and have spent plenty of one-on-one time with him. As a sports reporter I covered the 2002 Olympics and saw first hand his ability to fix things. I had many friends who worked with him and they all came back with the same story. They were amazed at his ability to lead and succeed.

During my times with Romney I have seen him as very personable, approachable, and caring. Yes, caring. Everything the media has told us he is not.

I arrived late to a meeting a couple years ago with a handful of people in the room (yes, I arrived late for a meeting with Romney,) not to worry, with no chairs in the room, Romney quickly stood up and offered me his. A little thing---a personal thing---but it told me a lot about the man.

Yes, Obama was horrible during the Disaster in Denver. He acted like he would've rather been hitting a buried ball out of the sand at the 9th hole at Congressional Country Club (hey Barry, nice recovery!) than actually having to answer Romney's questions about the economy (hey Barry, nice recovery!) But that's just part of the issue here, the bigger issue is that the media told us Romney was something that he is not. The polls reflect the disconnect between what the media told us, and what the people have seen.

A 12 point swing in the Pew Poll doesn't happen by accident, it only happens when the media lie to the American people about what a candidate is and they figure out the truth on their own. The debate was Romney unfiltered. Nothing about his performance surprised me, but that night, America finally saw Romney for who he is.

There is still time for the media to turn this election around. Over the next four weeks they will try every trick in the book. The media have too much invested to back up now. Like the cheap, transparent, Vegas magician, you can see the cards up their sleeve and they will pull them out and play them at every turn. It is what it is, except more people are now on to their sleight of hand.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unprepared in Vegas

The Hangover III

The Empty Chair has better odds in Round Two. 

Buster Douglas was better prepared for his fight against Evander Holyfield. Buster came to Vegas, took naps at the golf course, spend evenings at the buffets and decided not to train for his only Heavyweight Championship defense. It ended in a third-round knockout. Not sure if Barack Obama failed to train while spending 3 days here in Las Vegas before his debate, but if he did, he's in more trouble than anybody knows.

Certainly, most people who come to Vegas and spend three days here, expect to leave losers, but not this bad. I've seen a lot of Presidential Debates in my lifetime and never has there been a bigger blowout. At least some people who listened on radio thought Nixon beat JFK. You could've listened through a string and cup and the conclusion would've been the same. Romney by KO.

As the media searches, questions, wonders and freaks out (didya see MSNBC?) over why Mitt Romney smacked Barack Obama silly on Wednesday night, there are two simple answers---1) Romney has truth and facts and Obama is armed with failure, 2) the media lobbing non-stop softballs has left Obama totally unprepared.  Obama's friends in the Activist Old Media bear much of the blame for the Denver Disaster 2012. 

Think about it---at every turn Romney has been challenged, badgered, questioned, and queried over and over again and he has been forced to come up with answers. As it should be. Republicans know the game and it is not a level playing field. Obama has been coddled, protected, babied, and fed pablum by his media and when finally challenged, he fails miserably.

Yes, the media's game plan for Obama Victory 2012 has backfired miserably. It's just Round One in a Five Round debate season, but there were times when I almost felt sorry for Obama on that stage. Almost. Jim Lehrer finished second on this night mainly because he fed Obama better answers than Obama gave himself. 

Romney still has Fast and Furious and Benghazi in his quiver. He fired Solyndra with laser-like accuracy.

The Veeps are up next. I'm making Paul Ryan a 14 and a half point favorite. Early money is coming big on Ryan. This line will be -17 by kickoff. 

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The Media Cover-up (For Now)

If the media is one thing---it is transparent. It is also leftist and predictable, but that would be three things.

So, here we go with a prediction born of the leftist transparency we find with the Activist Old Media. 

Sometime after November 7th the media will begin doing its job. still won't fully do it's job, but it will at least give it the ol' College Journalism School Try. 

Two scandals should be rocking this White House right now. By themselves, each is worse than Watergate, and combined they would make Barack Obama the most scandalous president in history. Fast and Furious, the Benghazi terrorist attack; and lies and cover-ups with both.

There is an election to win right now for the media and its Dear Leader, so neither scandal will get the attention it deserves. We know that, we see that. Oh...they may touch on these stories and bite around the edges, but the junk yard dogs sit muzzled and chained while the Obama administration has its way with the merchandise (in this case, we would be the merchandise.) Never forget this is the same media that spent four years, four years attacking the George W. Bush White House over the supposed leaking of a non-covert CIA agent's name. A story the media got horribly wrong, but oh well, the Bushies had it comin'.

Whether Obama wins or loses this election, the media will suddenly learn of these two stories through osmosis (or they will click into Big Government and read them) and they will cover them as if they knew them all along. They will try to maintain a smidgen of credibility. Investigative reporters will be unleashed, books will be written, and Peabody's and Emmy's will be awarded en-mass.

If Obama loses November 6th, the media will have ignored its motto of "speaking truth to power" because Obama will be out of power. It does little good then. The time to do these stories is now. Right now. But clearly the media feel loose seats on an American Airlines jet where nobody was hurt is more important. Gotta protect our viewers from bumping their heads---but 4 dead in Benghazi and 300+ killed in Fast and Furious will have to wait (oh, plus the lies and cover-ups, remember with Watergate it was the lies and cover-ups that were worse.) There was no desire by the media to tell the voting public who Obama was in 2008, why would they suddenly do it in 2012? They will not, they have not. 

If Obama wins November 6th (heaven help us---no really, heaven help us) the media will do what it has done to the second-terms of the most recent presidents in memory. The media will exert its power and make surethat president knows that they are in charge.  Never forget, as much as they love Obama, they love themselves and their power more. 

Second-term scandals, real or perceived are the reality. Nixon-Watergate, Reagan-Iran Contra, Clinton-Monica, Bush-Just being alive. Historians have argued that presidents get cocky in their second terms and that leads to their demise, and part of that is true, but the Obama scandals have been uncovered in his firstterm. I shutter to think what scandals might become us if he gets four more years. I haven't even mentioned the scandals of where the "stimulus" dollars were spent.

The Activist Old Media will do these stories and they will want credit for doing them. They will tell themselves how tough they were on Obama and they will point to the awards on their shelves as proof. Of course, we know the truth. When these stories needed to be done the junk yard dogs sat silent, by choice. 

There are still a few weeks left to do these stories when they matter most, but the media will not do them. They would've by now. The facts are out there now and it will matter little when they report them later.   

They have muzzled and chained themselves. 

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