Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NBC Nightly News Ignores Cleveland Terrorists OWS Background

The Occupy Wall Street terrorists who plotted to blow up a Cleveland bridge and kill dozens of innocent people, should use NBC's Brian Williams as their lead  defense witness.

First, the Peacock Network totally ignored the background of the OWS terrorists. It did not mention one word of who these people were, how they are leftist terrorists, how they planned to also blow up banks, the Republican National Convention, and other American sites.  These OWS terrorists are products of the class warfare being perpetuated by Barack Obama, the Democrat Party and the Activist Old Media.

NBC spent the first 10 minutes of Nightly News reporting on the First Anniversary of the Killing of Osama binLaden by Barack Obama, and then snuck in 24 seconds on the OWS terrorists.

Here's the entire script as read by Williams:

The FBI arrested five self-described anarchists in Cleveland, Ohio today, the men are between 20 and 37 years of age. They're accused of plotting to blow up a bridge over a park in Cleveland. The plot was uncovered by an FBI sting operation that provided them with what they thought to be bomb material. As is the case with so many of these similar situations, the FBI said in the end there was never any real danger associated with the plan.

Call Brian Williams to the witness stand. He's making the case for these guys.

There was no video shown of cars going over the bridge, NBC made it look abandoned. Actually, 13,000 people a day travel over that bridge and the OWS terrorists pulled the trigger on what they thought were plastic explosives that would've destroyed the bridge and killed occupants during rush-hour, but, "there was never any real danger associated with the plan." Ya, because the FBI were tipped off to the terrorist attack and gave the guys dummy explosives. Were it not for that, NBC's beloved Dear Leader would've been bumped to the second slot on this "historic day" and dozens of Americans would've become innocent victims of the Occupy Wall Street movement, beloved by the left and supported by countless Democrat politicians.

The background of the OWS terrorists was well known by the time NBC went on air, in fact, Tuesday night they even did a special West Coast Edition of Nightly News so they had extra time to research this. They knew these terrorists were OWS and chose not to report that very relevant fact. Who these people are and what motivates them does matter. Looks like some more selective editing by NBC. Are we sure they fired the person who edited that George Zimmerman audio tape?

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