Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ABC News: "They Are Happy to Have A Party When Black People Drown"

Updates from John Nolte,

***UPDATE III: Yahoo just announced they have terminated Chalian effective immediately.

***UPDATE II: Romney camp comments:  "It hasn’t even been 24 hours after the primetime speech line up at the Republican National Convention last night, and you can already tell how successful and powerful of a night it really was by the complete and utter meltdown the mainstream media is experiencing today. ... Most shockingly, Yahoo! Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian got caught on an ABC webcast saying that Mitt Romney would be “happy to have a party when black people drown.”
***UPDATE: ABC News reached out to Breitbart News to name the man heard mocking the Romneys during this ABC News livecast: David Chalian (pictured) of Yahoo! News. Chalian is a former political director with ABC News, but according to ABC News has no association with the network now. The headline has been changed to reflect this update, as has the story itself.

This is the culture that the Republicans and Mitt Romney are fighting during this election. 
ABC News was running a live feed of the Republican National Convention and an unknown ABC staffer can be heard saying the Romney's are, "happy to have a party when black people drown." Referring to the timing of the hurricane and the RNC. 
You don't get more egregiousness and indicative than this. These are the conversations that take place in newsrooms. These are the people editing the video tape, producing the newscasts, writing the copy and dictating what the public see on evening newscasts. This is what they believe. You can hear it on their broadcasts through their anchors, but rarely do you get this snapshot of their mindset. 
The comment was met with laughter and was preceded by the statement, "they aren't concerned at all." This was happening while video of the Romney's was playing during the live internet feed. 
ABC News must address this. They owe the Romney's an apology. They know who this staffer is and she must be fired. If not, then they condone this behavior. 
I could write a thousand columns on comments like these, and similar comments I heard while working in newsrooms. The open cries and tears when George W. Bush was elected in 2000 come to mind right now. There was weeping and wailing. It is the culture. Leftists live and thrive in this environment and they are rewarded with advancements. Rarely are they held accountable.

Of course, ABC News and the rest of the Activist Old Media should work to change the culture that harbors leftist bias, but they will not. It's who they are. It's too deep, too ingrained, and they really don't want to change it. It's like telling a rattlesnake not to bite. They will cease to exist before they correct the culture. 
ABC News, you know who said this live on your internet broadcast, the next move is yours. 
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