Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scott Walker vs. MSNBC, Classic Mismatch

I don't think MSNBC will mess with Scott Walker again anytime soon.
They went at him, one at a time like in a Jackie Chan movie. Wack, pow, wack, smack!
First reporter Ron Mott was live with Walker on the convention floor. All fine there. Good questions, tough questions. Respectful. 
Then Rachel Maddow jumped in and took her shots at the Wisconsin Governor (while Mott held the mic for the crew back in the studio.) Her misguided shots were over a statement Paul Ryan made during his speech about the closing of a Janesville, Wisconsin GM plant.  
Ryan said (correctly) that Obama had promised during a visit (Feb 2008) that government would help keep the plant open. The announcement of the plant closing came while Bush was in the White House, then it eventually closed for good while Obama was president. Them's the facts---but Ryan's main point was that Obama promised that government would keep the plant open and government did not fulfill its promise. Obama could've kept the plant open and he should be asked why it's closed, but MSNBC would never go there.
MSNBC had gotten some super-secret information (from their super-duper fact checking crew at Wa Po) about when the plant closed and they were ready to pounce. 
Apparently the MSNBC crew back in the studio didn't really understand what Ryan said, they didn't care what Ryan said, or they didn't know the actual date the plant closed. That would be January 13, 2010. Hmmmmm. Not sure who was in the White House then. I'll have Wa Po check that for me. (For the record, the plant is in "stand by" status right now.) Cars were still being produced at the plant through June 2009.
MSNBC should learn how to search Wikipedia. Here are the entries and dates.

In October 2008, GM announced Janesville Assembly would be largely idled December 23, 2008 when production of SUVs would end.[10] A skeleton crew continued to work at Janesville Assembly through June, 2009, completing the Janesville/Isuzu light truck contract.


On January 13, 2010 GM put Janesville Assembly on stand-by to produce new vehicles due to recent increase in demand for GM vehicles.[citation needed]

Well, Maddow attacked. She incorrectly said the plant closed during the Bush administration. Walker responded calmly and told her there were "two rounds of layoffs," as Wikipedia points out. Wack!
Rachel backed up and changed the issue to the auto bailout. Walker again responded with class and a deft jab and told her the bailout did not work for Wisconsin and pointed out the closing of the Janesville plant. Pow! One down. That was easy---just gettin' warmed up here.
Then Heavyweight Big Eddie (Schultz, who has been MSNBC's main attack dog on Walker---Eddie flips out whenever he talks about Walker) had his turn. Eddie's face got red, his fists were clinched, his voice was raised as he quoted the Washington Post (big mistake, should've used Wikipedia) on the first "closing." Walker calmly reminded Eddie of what he had said to Rachel that a "managed bankruptcy" would've been best for GM. Poor MSNBC crew, they apparently don't know what a managed bankruptcy is. They never responded to that. All they know is government takeover. 
Then Eddie tried one of his favorite tricks, he asked a stupid question, then gave his own stupid answer while not allowing Walker to respond. When Walker was finally allowed to talk, he reminded Eddie of the point Ryan made that Obama promised the workers that government would keep the plant open. Promise not kept.
Wack! Lights out! Peter McNeely lasted longer against Mike Tyson. I was at that fight. It was a first round disqualification. McNeely, like Eddie, rushed out to the center of the ring to attack his opponent at the first sound of the bell. It wasn't pretty. DQ.
Oh, it gets better.   
Reverend Al Sharpton jumped in and trusted the Wa Po date and took his swings at Walker and wiffed badly. I felt the wind here in Vegas. Tawana Brawley would've given Walker a better fight. Pow! Down goes Sharpton!
Three first round knockouts for Walker. 
They do not want a rematch. 
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