Saturday, September 1, 2012

What The Left Hates Most About Clint Eastwood

His appearance has been widely panned by the left and its Activist Old Media. Clint Eastwood dared jump off the leftist bandwagon in Hollywood and he joined the Evil Right. 
But it gets deeper than that. 

They hate his "bit" on stage at the Republican National Convention because he ridiculed the president. He dared make fun of their Dear Leader. 

You don't do that and expect to leave unscathed. 

The Empty Chair performance by "Dirty Harry" bothered the President to the point that he had to tweet his own response (or his staff did it for him, who knows?) by saying, "This seat's taken."

Oh, you could argue that all of this is being done in good fun, but the Romney's are being asked serious questions by the media about what they think of Eastwood's performance. They have been rock solid behind Eastwood by saying they appreciate his support. Damn! The media had hoped the Romney's would've thrown Clint under their campaign bus. To their credit, they didn't. 

Meanwhile, it's important to note that this administration does not like to be ridiculed. No stateist can allow that. Leftists take themselves very seriously. Obama may occasionally laugh and joke about himself, but deep down he is a Cold Hearted Social Engineer and they are not the type who take to ridicule kindly. 

What they hate most is Eastwood opened the door for more ridicule. Before you make the contention that this "embarrassed the Office of the President," gimme a break. Obama started that when he removed the Churchill Bust. Besides, anybody out there remember what the left and its Activist Old Media did to George W. Bush? Our memories are not that bad. 

Deep down Eastwood's performance did not make Obama's day, it ruined it. 

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