Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Media Covering Up Truth About Benghazi Attacks

This is like not seeing plane that just crashed into your house. What plane with the tail section sitting in the backyard? I'm not talking about before the crash, but after the crash you still don't see the plane. 
That's how the media is approaching the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed 4 Americans.
This is a story just waiting to be told properly, and the Activist Old Media is not doing it. 
So far, the White House has called this a spontaneous event on the anniversary of 9-11. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have also been spreading the story that this was just a group of radicals who were angry over a movie, so they killed Americans. That story is bad enough, but with every day that goes by, that story looks more and more ridiculous. The Obama Administration knows the truth, the State Department knows the truth, and the media knows the truth. They are all lying about what really happened in Libya. Americans deserve the truth.
This was a planned, coordinated attack on Americans working at the Consulate. There are indications that people within the Libyan government were involved, and America was given advance warning on the attacks. Nothing was done by Obama to prevent these attacks and the media seems unconcerned about finding out who knew what---and when did they know it. Since Obama doesn't attend most of his intel briefings, I guess he should not be culpable, right? 

It has taken the Obama administration more than a week to figure out that this was a terrorist attack. It took that long only because Obama does not like to acknowledge there are actually terrorists in the world who do not like Americans, even with His Highness in the White House.

Hey, there's an election coming up in a few weeks---this would look very bad for Dear Leader if the truth is told right now about the Benghazi attacks. Let's just drag our feet on this for a while.
We've seen this story before. After November 6th the media will look into this attack, books will be written and blame will be placed on the lame duck President Obama, but since the stories were held when they mattered most, and he won the election, the Activist Old Media will wash their hands and try to act responsible when it's too late. Now is the time to put these pieces together. Bits and pieces are trickling out on this story, but somebody with access needs to put them all together and try win a Peabody or an Emmy. If truth is not is not enough motivation, perhaps an award will be.  
Of course, this is the same media who won't report properly on Fast and Furious. They still haven't bothered to ask the president who authorized the selling of 2,000 guns to Mexican drug lords that has lead to the death of two Americans and 300 Mexican citizens. If the media doesn't care about reporting on the Obama administration "gun running" to Mexico leading to hundreds of deaths, why should they are about this?
Hey, what is that? It looks like fuselage in the pool? Let's order pizza. We'll get around to covering that plane crash when we're good and ready.
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