Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Media Protects Obama, Blames Movie For Terrorist Attacks

At a time of tragedy when Americans have been murdered by brutal terrorists in Libya, who will defend Liberty?
Not the American TV networks. 
They instead blame the principle of free speech, Liberty itself, if you will, for these horrendous attacks. 
A movie made in the USA depicts Muhammad in a negative light and the American media seems to excuse the murderous actions of terrorists because of the movie. Holy hell---what country did I wake up in?
MSNBC went a step further, even excusing the attacks because of the movie. 
"These protests are taking place, this anger is all based on that film that the US government has come out and chastised," was the question asked to Richard Engel of NBC while on the ground in Cairo. 
"This is all based on that film, but it's more than that, this is a perceived insult, an attack on Islam," responded Engel. "It touched such a sensitive issue and they feel they could not take this lying down, they had to come out and speak for their prophet, speak for their religion."

Terrorists don't hate us because of a movie. Islamic extremists declared jihad on the free world 30 years ago. The media expects us to believe that a movie made 'em do it, and Engel is excusing their actions. "They could not take this lying down." 
This was the reaction across the board from the Activist Old Media. 
Where does the media stand on free speech? If you threaten to take away First amendment rights the media would be the first to take a stand, and rightly so, but when it comes to Muslim terrorists, they somehow forget that founding principle. 
The main reason the media blames the movie is to excuse the horrendous foreign policy of Barack Obama. They cannot point to the numerous failures by this president. Obama has missed most intelligence meetings at the White House, but has been able to sneak in 104 rounds of golf.  

The media flip flops on free speech in order to protect their Dear Leader. Blame a movie, because you cannot blame Obama.
Holy hell, what country did I wake up in?

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