Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the Record, Obama Did Not End the War in Iraq

On 60 Minutes this week, Barack Obama once again took credit for ending the war in Iraq. "I said I'd end the war in Iraq, I did," boasted Dear Leader. 
Reporter Steve Kroft also parroted the company line by giving Obama full credit. 
As the lies pile up by this administration and its Activist Old Media, this is one that gets repeated often and needs to be corrected right here, right now. 
Obama was the President who did nothing more than follow the timeline set by his predecessor, George W. Bush. 
Here is the Status of Forces Agreement, from October 2008 (Bush was still president---BTW) which states, in part:
All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.
George W. Bush made that happen, he put the timeline into effect, and ended the war with victory for America and the Iraqi people. Do you hear any bad news coming out of Iraq these days? Rarely. They are one of the few middle eastern countries living in relative peace right now and we can thank the Bush Doctrine and those soldiers who bravely implemented it and sacrificed everything for it.
But Obama wants credit. I guess he needs credit. He shall have credit for following the Bush timeline, and nothing more. 
Also, it should be noted, as a US Senator, Obama did everything he could to try to make the war end in failure for the United States. Senator Obama did this purely for political purposes. He opposed the war and the surge that led to the successful end of the war for both countries. Obama hated the surge and joined the rest of the Democrats in saying that the surge would not work. We can all be thankful they did not get their way in 2007. Remember when they wanted us to leave in defeat? Pull out now, was the battle cry of Obama's Democrats. Does Obama think we can't remember what he was pitching just 5 years ago? He can only pull off this ruse with the medias full cooperation. which he is getting. Hopefully historians will correct this.  
Obama and the Democrats were as wrong as any political party has ever been on an issue of this much importance. This should not be forgotten, but the media has removed this fact from the Iraq War narrative. 
Obama called the Iraq War a "dumb war" and a "rash war." In 2002 his words were praised by liberals and leftist who still revere them today, in spite of our victory in Iraq. That is as delusional as it gets. Tell those in Iraq now living under Liberty and without the boot of the worst terrorist of our time, Saddam Hussein, on their throats, that it was a "dumb war."
Obama opposed it; now he wants credit for it, and his media is helping him with this narrative. Were Obama being honest with America he would be thanking Bush for our success in Iraq and pointing out that it was his timeline that ended the war. He has never done that, not once. Like all Great Leftists throughout history, all the glory must go to them. 
So if that's how this timeline thing works, let's play that game. Richard Nixon gets credit for man first landing on the moon, not JFK. He was president July 20, 1969 when it happened. 
See how far that argument flies.
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