Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally, The Media Hits Its Breaking Point

It's great to see that the Activist Old Media finally has a cause that angers them to the point of delirium.
They have had enough! They are as mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore!
Those Replacement Refs caused the Green Bay Packers to lose a football game last night. 
Oh, don't get me wrong---I was not happy about the horrible call either. I live in Vegas and know the point spread. Packers were favored by 3 and would've covered the spread. Lots of cash was bet on the Packers and the sports books couldn't be happier today with those Replacement Refs who gave the Seahawks the win and the "cover."
But I do find it interesting to see what it takes to send the media to the breaking point. Football apparently does it. 
They haven't cared much that The President of the United States misses intel briefings so he can golf. Now we see a middle east in turmoil and American's dying as a result. Yes, if you miss as many intel briefings as Barack Obama has, and Americans are not prepared to defend themselves at Embassies around the world, the boss who misses the meetings is to blame. Maybe the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell can be blamed for this as well. 
The top Democrat Senator in the Senate, Harry Reid makes up fairy tales about Mitt Romney's taxes and that's not enough to anger this Activist Old Media. Jennings intercepted the pass! Everybody saw it!
More than 300 Mexicans and a Border Patrol agent are dead because of this administrations gun-running operation to Mexico and the activist in the media don't have the time or courage to get to the bottom of what really happened here. But they will show us that replay of the interception-turned-touchdown enough times that we know the shoe size of Golden Tate.
The unemployment figures are horrible right now and even the 8.1% number is as fabricated as hell. But we must be worried about the hundred or so NFL officials who are on the sidelines in a labor dispute.
Hey, I want 'em back too, but the causes the media choose to take on are not accidental. This is their cause, their mission. Save the NFL. 
At least we know the media has its breaking point.
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