Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Democrats With Vote Fraud on Display at Convention

It was there for all to see. 
You want to see an example of Democrats rigging an election, watch the video here. 
Democrats had gotten so much heat for removing God and Jerusalem from their platform that they decided to put it back in....but to do so a vote was required. 
Clearly, Democrats at the top of the party wanted it back in because they knew the political heat they had already taken, and would continue to take between now and November 6th. They internally made the decision to put God and Jerusalem back in the platform purely for political purposes. 
Then came the voice vote for all to see. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villar (which is his real name, but he changed it to Villaraigosa) conducted the voice vote and this circus kept getting worse the longer it went. 
Three voice votes total and the last one was probably 50/50.  It takes a two/thirds majority to pass an amendment to a resolution and this clearly did not pass. Most people on the floor of the convention were not happy and you could hear their boos. They knew the power players in the Democrat Party had just put something in the platform that they wanted out. 
It was voter fraud there for all to witness and the Democrat Leadership was behind it. 
Anybody trust the Democrats November 6th?

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